With the nation in a ruckus over war, a new group of war protestors
emerged and they took the shapes of many different forms. Their goal was
clear: to stop the war. Their motives however, in an ongoing effort to reach
In the popular novel Johnny Got His Gun, Americans were exposed
to an emotional side of the war. This novel, which many had a copy of,
told the story of a young man named Johnny, who now laid in a hospital bed
as a useless, miserable being. Being unable to do anything, except simply
think, he tells his side of the story. He shows the effects of the war, and
explains that it is not worth fighting for a life of freedom, if you are dead.
While this approach worked fine for the'Oprah Winfrey' crowd of the war
era, there were many other hardcore business, political and military
leaders that still needed to be convinced that the war should stop! To oblige,
the anti-war activists put on a new face.


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