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Our Industry-Leading Consultants

For every PrepScholar Admissions package, you work with a dedicated admissions consultant who will guide from start to finish.

We have intensely high standards for our consultants to get you the best results. Here’s what’s special:

Customized admissions strategy.

Your application needs to be as unique as you are. Every consultant builds your application from the ground up around your unique background and experiences. You won’t find a cookie-cutter approach here.

Rated to be the best.

Every student interaction with all consultants is rated for satisfaction. If any consultant falls below our high rating expectations, they’re let go.

This means you’ll work only with consultants who have been time-tested to be superb.

Complete admissions mastery.

Our admissions consultants know admissions because they’ve personally succeeded in getting into the most selective schools in the country. 

Plus, they collectively have decades of experience counseling students into reaching their top choice schools.


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